Ever feel like you are constantly spending money?

Last night I decided I needed to get my tickets to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If you dont know who they are – google them, you shall not be disappointed. I’m a classic rock girl at heart, but I like to listen to different styles of music and these guys have got me very interested. As a side note..they are both hot! Then I started thinking I need to start holiday clothes shopping. I also need to pay for all the crazy work I’m having done to my car. (I own a 1989 MK2 golf gti, its always broke and needs a complete engine swap) On top of this, rent, food and the like. I have found since I started ‘eating clean’ I spend less money. Thats because one shop equals about three meals. Dinner then left overs make tomorrows lunch and then tomorrows dinner. So atleast I’m saving on sometimg! It makes me worry. I have the money for all these things, but I like to have some ‘safe money’ just incase something drastic happens. Nothing has yet, but you never know! So thats always at the back of my mind. After spending time saving to move out, we decided to blow it on a holiday. Obviously not a responsible move but hey – going to be living it up in tunisia next month!
Did some holiday clothes shopping today. I had been putting this off because I wanted to drop more weight before I bought stuff. My top half and waist has dropped a dress size, two in certain clothes. But my hips and arse are still massive! I couldn’t put off this shop much longer, I’ve been itching for it!! But I am so glad I went today! My confidence is through the roof right now. Its the norm for me to go into a shop and feel horrible afterwards because you can not fit into the clothes you want. But today I fit into everything I picked out! Mini celebration for me.🎉 I am no where near my goal, but I feel great. The only thing is I’m big boobed and H&M and Topshop didn’t have top half of bikinis in more than a C..no good for these bazookas! So I need to do some internet shopping for that. My nan has given me a one piece to take with me. It used to belong to my mum (she passed away a while ago) and I didn’t know if it would be creepy for me to use it? But its so pretty and fits awesomely! Its a strange feeling, I look like my mum alot and even more so in this. Anyway! Want some pictures? This is what i have purchased today..

This isn’t for holiday, but usually i wouldn’t have purchased a skirt like this.


This is for holiday ☀


I thought I could wear this pool side or from the hotel to the beach. *Note the lack of the top part of the bikini*


And my cute bag ❤