Clynol treatment for dry hair.

Hello there. Pretty much every client that I have ever met has moaned about dry hair. Admit it, even if it was just an inkling in the back of your mind – you’ve thought about it. I bleach my hair on a regular basis and use toners at least once every three weeks. (Keeps my colour looking fresh.) Add that to my already fine and brittle hair and its a catastrophe!

So every once in a while I whack on a bit of my best friend – Clynol Rescue Repair treatment. Today I decided to leave it on after my shower and I will wash it out tomorrow morning. I had nothing to do today so decided to look greasy and gross in exchange for a good hair day tomorrow! You wanna apply it to the ends and mid-length. Usually a 50p size (but I am very generous with it.) And if your hair is super long use more. I used my tangle teezer to brush it through as well. Bunged it up into a top knot and then away with the day. What do you use to keep your condition conditioned?