Clynol Profile Weekend 2013.

So as most of you know, Clynol Profile Weekend 2013 took place on 16th and 17th June at Alton Towers. Firstly – What an awesome venue. Even without going into the park, the hotel its self is so cool. So many little qwerks to look at and explore! Good choice Clynol. And we were greeted by this in the hotel room, such a nice touch!

20130618-144534.jpg So, after getting up at 5.30am (ergh) and setting off at 7.30am, we finally arrive at about 10. This is the first time I get to have a real look at all the backstage antics. Models all having hair and makeup done, people rushing about the place.

20130618-144113.jpgI got to see some great people at work, including an ex-protégé team member. It was fascinating watching everyone doing their thing. I really enjoyed seeing them create something captivating and special. We got to watch the presentation and see all the hard work put together. The models all represented hair icons. There was a Florence (copper), Madonna (Blonde), Rhianna (red) and a Katy (violet). Two models for each icon. Each model showed off what the new Viton S range is capable off. From raspberry reds, orange coppers, blue violets and clean-cut blondes. We are taught about the new colours and how to use them to their full potential. I think they have really hit the nail with this one. It was a brilliant introduction to the new range and I’m really excited to get using it!









Me and the other prots (protégé team members) are going onto stage in the evening to be introduced as the 2013 team. Everyone’s a little nervous so we gulped a bit of vodka and redbull in the hotel room to settle the nerves. It. Was. Amazing! I felt so good, being cheered and clapped on stage. I tried not to look out at the many faces and got distracted by Troy’s impromptu rose petal shower.

20130618-144830.jpg Onto the food and the drinks, everyone got quite squiffy and had a great time. So many dance moves in such little time. It was really fun to mingle and meet people who are all linked by the Clynol brand. There are some really lovely people out there. I finally met Luisa who used to be on the Protégé team (2 years running.) I had read and heard a bit about her and she is so great! Its really cool to meet someone who has really benefited from the team. She now has her own salon in Kidderminster, and I hope it all goes well for her!

After catching some sleep, it was on with the roller coasters! I used to be terrified of them, but I know once its going I love them. It was so much fun!! Tiring though. I have an app on my phone that tracks your step and we did nearly 15,000. About 5 miles in total! But it was really worth it. I wish we can go every weekend.

Overall, an amazing weekend. I loved every second and I’m really looking forward to next year! ❤


Famous for a day..

On Thursday we had our team mentor Jamie come into the salon with his posse. His posse being three lovely people who donned a camera, microphone and other equipment. When we were told about them coming into film us, we were also given a few questions that would be asked. So I made sure I thought of a few answers before hand incase being in front of a camera freaked me out. So me and Nicole went through our answers first thing and decided we sounded so cheesy! I was under the impression we were being interviewed whilst with a client because I was fully booked all day. All I could think about was the cheese. I like being daft, but not in front of clients. Turn out I was worrying about nothing. The interview was really cool and didn’t make me feel silly. And it didn’t happen in front of clients, it was in one sole corner of the salon. Also, I was asked a few questions I hadn’t prepped for. And I surprised myself by answering them without a second thought. I guess deep down I know everything is up in my head. I was super proud of me and Nicole. And afterwards I realised I had a lot of fun and now I want to do it all the time.




This interview is part of our Protege team fun, and will be shown at The Profile Weekend in the middle June. We get to go to the weekend, which is held at Alton Towers (we also get tickets for the park. Woop!) It is the launch of the new Viton-S range and also an awards show. Were going to be getting on stage to be announced as the Clynol Protege Team 2013. How crazy!

This means..I need to get buying! I need a dress to wear in the evening. Its super super super smart, black tie, all that jazz. I have been browsing ASOS and the like but I think I need to see the clothes in person. Massive shopping trip on my day off to plan. Any suggestions on what I could wear? Im thinking peplum to hide my mid tyre..

Hope your enjoying this read ❤

Clynol treatment for dry hair.

Hello there. Pretty much every client that I have ever met has moaned about dry hair. Admit it, even if it was just an inkling in the back of your mind – you’ve thought about it. I bleach my hair on a regular basis and use toners at least once every three weeks. (Keeps my colour looking fresh.) Add that to my already fine and brittle hair and its a catastrophe!

So every once in a while I whack on a bit of my best friend – Clynol Rescue Repair treatment. Today I decided to leave it on after my shower and I will wash it out tomorrow morning. I had nothing to do today so decided to look greasy and gross in exchange for a good hair day tomorrow! You wanna apply it to the ends and mid-length. Usually a 50p size (but I am very generous with it.) And if your hair is super long use more. I used my tangle teezer to brush it through as well. Bunged it up into a top knot and then away with the day. What do you use to keep your condition conditioned?


Met some good people on Monday..

This week we embarked on a days training about social media with the Clynol Protégé team and a lovely lady Laura from our PR girls over at LWPR. I went into that session believing I couldn’t be taught anything – because I knew everything about Facebook, Twitter and the like. How wrong was I! We we’re scheduled to see Sarah Betty a high time fashion blogger from but unfortunately she was ill, so we got lovely Laura instead! Who did an excellent job considering she was working from Sarah’s information. I did not know that you could schedule Facebook posts! And that the optimum time to do something is around 11am and around 7-8pm. Interesting stuff. Laura gave me the confidence and push to start this blog, which I had been wanting to do for a long time. I had been putting it off because I was worrying about people not enjoying it. But here we are! So a big thank you to Laura – you are awesome, and you have beautiful hair!

YAT’s and Protégé. – I love you guys!


On this awesome day we got the meet the magical Josh Goldsworthy from the FAME team. He came for a little chat, showed us some of his amazing work and gave us a good chunk of advice. What an inspiration. He has achieved so much already! And he is younger than me! Josh made me feel a little grumble of jealously (the good kind) which has made me push push push myself. I need to get out there and I need to do everything. So thank you Josh, I hope we cross paths again. 👏

Clynol Protège Team.

What can I say. Officially part of the Clynol Protège team. For all of you who do not know what this is, it is an artistic team hosted by the brand Clynol. First we had to fill out an application form, with a before photo of our model. Then after the semi-final elimination process, 12 people were chosen to attend the finals. You turn up to strangers with smiles, model and kit in hand ready to take on the nerve racking challenge ahead. Our models were styled and accompanied us to present a 5 minute talk on what we did, why we did it and how we did it. Let me tell you, it was bloody scary! Anxiously we wait, then the winners are announced. When I heard my name, I felt sick with excitment. This is going to bring so many opportunities to me, and im looking forward to taking them on head first! Keep yourself updated with this blog for some sneak peaks into the awesome stuff we’re getting up to.

My beautiful sister Kirsty agreed to be my model. She lives in sunny Wales, so this was a good excuse for a catch-up!

And this is our wonderful team!