Famous for a day..

On Thursday we had our team mentor Jamie come into the salon with his posse. His posse being three lovely people who donned a camera, microphone and other equipment. When we were told about them coming into film us, we were also given a few questions that would be asked. So I made sure I thought of a few answers before hand incase being in front of a camera freaked me out. So me and Nicole went through our answers first thing and decided we sounded so cheesy! I was under the impression we were being interviewed whilst with a client because I was fully booked all day. All I could think about was the cheese. I like being daft, but not in front of clients. Turn out I was worrying about nothing. The interview was really cool and didn’t make me feel silly. And it didn’t happen in front of clients, it was in one sole corner of the salon. Also, I was asked a few questions I hadn’t prepped for. And I surprised myself by answering them without a second thought. I guess deep down I know everything is up in my head. I was super proud of me and Nicole. And afterwards I realised I had a lot of fun and now I want to do it all the time.




This interview is part of our Protege team fun, and will be shown at The Profile Weekend in the middle June. We get to go to the weekend, which is held at Alton Towers (we also get tickets for the park. Woop!) It is the launch of the new Viton-S range and also an awards show. Were going to be getting on stage to be announced as the Clynol Protege Team 2013. How crazy!

This means..I need to get buying! I need a dress to wear in the evening. Its super super super smart, black tie, all that jazz. I have been browsing ASOS and the like but I think I need to see the clothes in person. Massive shopping trip on my day off to plan. Any suggestions on what I could wear? Im thinking peplum to hide my mid tyre..

Hope your enjoying this read ❤