An evening with Bruno Marc.

On Monday evening I went to the Wella academy in London. I am a Clubstar member which is part of The Fellowship of Hairdressing. They put on many evenings & workshops through out the year. Clubstar evenings are free for members and Fellowship evenings come at a small fee. I would push anyone to get involved in this. There are a lot of opportunities at these events, to meet people and learn about them and their techniques. This event was an evening with Bruno Marc. He is a big part of the Marc Antoni salons, as well as being BHA Southern Hairdresser of the year TWICE, Fellowship Hairdresser of the year AND the Fame Team manager (which is something I aspire to do). An inspirational man. His creative eye is outstanding. Bruno’s cutting and dressing of hair is one of a kind. He demonstrated to us 10 different styles and I was blown away. Working on three of the models I am lucky enough to see first hand how talented he is. His demeanour is friendly, humble and confident. And he has true confidence in his work, team and models. He introduces the models (sometimes not remembering their names) but remembering their looks and hair. Thats the important bit right? He prides himself on trying to find your everyday girl and giving them opportunities. He told us how most of his models are not professional models. At least they weren’t before they encountered him. One told how she was spotted at a petrol station. I love it. I love the whole idea. I have a young client in the salon and she is so fresh faced. I tell her every time she comes in she should get into modelling. It helps that she is always on trend and doesn’t mind me chopping it all off every now and then! I wish I had stuck around to talk to him and bundle him with questions, but I had to catch a train home. Boo. If anyone is interested, look him up. His work is something to spend your time over.

Thanks for reading ✌