Mixture of this and that.

This is how my morning started… 6am gym wake up call, in there for 6.30am and finished by 8am. (If you can believe it, this is my favourite part of today.) Then off I pop to work for about 8.30am. We have to be in the salon 15 minutes before we start, which for me means 8.45. I like to get in a little earlier so I can have breakfast and tweak my hair/make-up/everything. My 9 o’clock client strolls in about 8.40 – thats cool yo, enjoy a coffee whilst I finish my breakie. But instead we get a “Its lucky for some” as she is told Im just finishing my breakfast. My lady is very nice and usually chilled out. Obviously she is stressed about something, and its always us hairdressers who hear the problems. I have to admit, I am nosey as hell so I love getting all the goss about everything..ever. But there does come a point in which I feel like screaming “Its not my fault!!!!!” She tells me about trying to get some funding for a charity she is working with (as I said earlier, lovely lady) but a stressed lovely lady. Once that had been spoken about she falls back into her normal self. This is one of those great things about hairdressing. Im not a therapist, I don’t feel what I say can make a difference, but at times like these we help people get stuff off their chest. Another happy client, hopefully 😉


Later on I got to what I love the most, dressing hair! A client was going to a wedding later in the day and gave me the reigns. My brief was •loose curls •over the top of the ears •styled to the side. But everything else was up to me! So this is what I came up with…


No picture from the front 😔 I always feel it makes the client uncomfortable.

I found out yesterday that me and Nicole will be getting filmed working next week. I believe it is for The Profile weekend, held by Clynol. Super excited! So I have been hitting up pintrest for clothing ideas. I love pinterest. Check out my boards, username – laurenbritton75

Thanks for the read. 💛


Met some good people on Monday..

This week we embarked on a days training about social media with the Clynol Protégé team and a lovely lady Laura from our PR girls over at LWPR. I went into that session believing I couldn’t be taught anything – because I knew everything about Facebook, Twitter and the like. How wrong was I! We we’re scheduled to see Sarah Betty a high time fashion blogger from http://www.sarahbetty.com but unfortunately she was ill, so we got lovely Laura instead! Who did an excellent job considering she was working from Sarah’s information. I did not know that you could schedule Facebook posts! And that the optimum time to do something is around 11am and around 7-8pm. Interesting stuff. Laura gave me the confidence and push to start this blog, which I had been wanting to do for a long time. I had been putting it off because I was worrying about people not enjoying it. But here we are! So a big thank you to Laura – you are awesome, and you have beautiful hair!

YAT’s and Protégé. – I love you guys!


On this awesome day we got the meet the magical Josh Goldsworthy from the FAME team. He came for a little chat, showed us some of his amazing work and gave us a good chunk of advice. What an inspiration. He has achieved so much already! And he is younger than me! Josh made me feel a little grumble of jealously (the good kind) which has made me push push push myself. I need to get out there and I need to do everything. So thank you Josh, I hope we cross paths again. 👏

Wanna see something creative?

I have been ultra lucky this past week. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the “I’ll have the same as last time” routine, but this week I have had a few clients who wanted a complete colour over-haul. I like nothing more than changing a clients over all look. My client, Helena, took inspiration from Karen O (Yeah yeah yeahs lead vocalist) by wanting half a head of bleach tint, with a deep brown section at the nape of the neck. The cut Karen has accentuates the colour, so we took vibes from that and created a style which also suited Helena’s needs.

Helena’s before.


Helena’s after.


On the flip to that, another client Simone always had a short crop with a bleach tint. This week, we went all out copper on her. When you darker over bleach, you need to pre-pig the hair. The pre-pig i had known has been discontinued, so i used a true semi permanent (7.6) from the Clynol range. This was let to process for 15 minutes and wash and dried ready for further application. I used a mixture of 6.0 and 6.6 (from the Clynol Viton S range). The colour was perfect!

Simone’s before and after.


I was lucky enough to catch-up with a good friend from school today. I have started my NVQ level 3 training recently, so have been screaming out for models! Kerry nominated herself, and I sure am glad! She had completely natural hair colour, which is like a blank canvas! I was also given free reign to do whatever I wanted (except bright purple). We decided to keep it natural, but to add a few different depths and learnt towards a few weaves of light ash blonde. I loved this colour, and quite fancy it for myself!

Kerry’s before and after.


I love a good before and after 🙂

Clynol Protège Team.

What can I say. Officially part of the Clynol Protège team. For all of you who do not know what this is, it is an artistic team hosted by the brand Clynol. First we had to fill out an application form, with a before photo of our model. Then after the semi-final elimination process, 12 people were chosen to attend the finals. You turn up to strangers with smiles, model and kit in hand ready to take on the nerve racking challenge ahead. Our models were styled and accompanied us to present a 5 minute talk on what we did, why we did it and how we did it. Let me tell you, it was bloody scary! Anxiously we wait, then the winners are announced. When I heard my name, I felt sick with excitment. This is going to bring so many opportunities to me, and im looking forward to taking them on head first! Keep yourself updated with this blog for some sneak peaks into the awesome stuff we’re getting up to.

My beautiful sister Kirsty agreed to be my model. She lives in sunny Wales, so this was a good excuse for a catch-up!

And this is our wonderful team!