Mixture of this and that.

This is how my morning started… 6am gym wake up call, in there for 6.30am and finished by 8am. (If you can believe it, this is my favourite part of today.) Then off I pop to work for about 8.30am. We have to be in the salon 15 minutes before we start, which for me means 8.45. I like to get in a little earlier so I can have breakfast and tweak my hair/make-up/everything. My 9 o’clock client strolls in about 8.40 – thats cool yo, enjoy a coffee whilst I finish my breakie. But instead we get a “Its lucky for some” as she is told Im just finishing my breakfast. My lady is very nice and usually chilled out. Obviously she is stressed about something, and its always us hairdressers who hear the problems. I have to admit, I am nosey as hell so I love getting all the goss about everything..ever. But there does come a point in which I feel like screaming “Its not my fault!!!!!” She tells me about trying to get some funding for a charity she is working with (as I said earlier, lovely lady) but a stressed lovely lady. Once that had been spoken about she falls back into her normal self. This is one of those great things about hairdressing. Im not a therapist, I don’t feel what I say can make a difference, but at times like these we help people get stuff off their chest. Another happy client, hopefully 😉


Later on I got to what I love the most, dressing hair! A client was going to a wedding later in the day and gave me the reigns. My brief was •loose curls •over the top of the ears •styled to the side. But everything else was up to me! So this is what I came up with…


No picture from the front 😔 I always feel it makes the client uncomfortable.

I found out yesterday that me and Nicole will be getting filmed working next week. I believe it is for The Profile weekend, held by Clynol. Super excited! So I have been hitting up pintrest for clothing ideas. I love pinterest. Check out my boards, username – laurenbritton75

Thanks for the read. 💛


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