Met some good people on Monday..

This week we embarked on a days training about social media with the Clynol Protégé team and a lovely lady Laura from our PR girls over at LWPR. I went into that session believing I couldn’t be taught anything – because I knew everything about Facebook, Twitter and the like. How wrong was I! We we’re scheduled to see Sarah Betty a high time fashion blogger from but unfortunately she was ill, so we got lovely Laura instead! Who did an excellent job considering she was working from Sarah’s information. I did not know that you could schedule Facebook posts! And that the optimum time to do something is around 11am and around 7-8pm. Interesting stuff. Laura gave me the confidence and push to start this blog, which I had been wanting to do for a long time. I had been putting it off because I was worrying about people not enjoying it. But here we are! So a big thank you to Laura – you are awesome, and you have beautiful hair!

YAT’s and Protégé. – I love you guys!


On this awesome day we got the meet the magical Josh Goldsworthy from the FAME team. He came for a little chat, showed us some of his amazing work and gave us a good chunk of advice. What an inspiration. He has achieved so much already! And he is younger than me! Josh made me feel a little grumble of jealously (the good kind) which has made me push push push myself. I need to get out there and I need to do everything. So thank you Josh, I hope we cross paths again. 👏


One thought on “Met some good people on Monday..

  1. Lauren you are too kind! I am loving the blog and I’m so pleased you are doing it. Looking forward to seeing you at Alton Towers. Xx

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