Wanna see something creative?

I have been ultra lucky this past week. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the “I’ll have the same as last time” routine, but this week I have had a few clients who wanted a complete colour over-haul. I like nothing more than changing a clients over all look. My client, Helena, took inspiration from Karen O (Yeah yeah yeahs lead vocalist) by wanting half a head of bleach tint, with a deep brown section at the nape of the neck. The cut Karen has accentuates the colour, so we took vibes from that and created a style which also suited Helena’s needs.

Helena’s before.


Helena’s after.


On the flip to that, another client Simone always had a short crop with a bleach tint. This week, we went all out copper on her. When you darker over bleach, you need to pre-pig the hair. The pre-pig i had known has been discontinued, so i used a true semi permanent (7.6) from the Clynol range. This was let to process for 15 minutes and wash and dried ready for further application. I used a mixture of 6.0 and 6.6 (from the Clynol Viton S range). The colour was perfect!

Simone’s before and after.


I was lucky enough to catch-up with a good friend from school today. I have started my NVQ level 3 training recently, so have been screaming out for models! Kerry nominated herself, and I sure am glad! She had completely natural hair colour, which is like a blank canvas! I was also given free reign to do whatever I wanted (except bright purple). We decided to keep it natural, but to add a few different depths and learnt towards a few weaves of light ash blonde. I loved this colour, and quite fancy it for myself!

Kerry’s before and after.


I love a good before and after 🙂


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