Clynol Protège Team.

What can I say. Officially part of the Clynol Protège team. For all of you who do not know what this is, it is an artistic team hosted by the brand Clynol. First we had to fill out an application form, with a before photo of our model. Then after the semi-final elimination process, 12 people were chosen to attend the finals. You turn up to strangers with smiles, model and kit in hand ready to take on the nerve racking challenge ahead. Our models were styled and accompanied us to present a 5 minute talk on what we did, why we did it and how we did it. Let me tell you, it was bloody scary! Anxiously we wait, then the winners are announced. When I heard my name, I felt sick with excitment. This is going to bring so many opportunities to me, and im looking forward to taking them on head first! Keep yourself updated with this blog for some sneak peaks into the awesome stuff we’re getting up to.

My beautiful sister Kirsty agreed to be my model. She lives in sunny Wales, so this was a good excuse for a catch-up!

And this is our wonderful team!



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